What's a weed company doing at the Brooklyn Worlds Fair?

In the midst of full-body virtual reality experiences, electric skateboard racing and innovative food preparation (chocolate covered crickets, anyone?), Topstone Projects and Baked Joint & Co. will be showcasing cannabis products. 

Wait a second, you may be thinking, this isn't a High Times event?!

But the Worlds Fair presents a unique opportunity for cannabis companies to step outside of the industry. Cannabis has its place in the modern lifestyle -- taboo, stigma, separateness...that's a thing of the past, and Worlds Fair is all about celebrating the future. 

Topstone Projects designs countertop vaporizers that fit in beautifully at home. Co-founder William Bosch owes his health to the healing power of cannabis concentrates: he believes that concentrates can enhance our everyday wellness when coupled with clean and consistent tools. 

Jena Min is founder of Baked Joint & Co., a medicinal hemp beauty brand that takes a holistic approach to skincare health. She is deeply passionate about sharing simple ways to naturally
nuture the body and skin using herbs based medicine. Though she applied for and was denied a medical cannabis license in NY, this did not stop her from sharing the benefits of cannabis and CBD as a natural way to empower the body to heal itself.

Jena and Will are teaming up to provide information about the many ways cannabis can be integrated into your wellness rituals. 

TL;DR: Worlds Fair is the destination for experiencing the future. Featuring a technology playground, future food, live music, interactive art...and two local cannabis companies!

See the Worlds Fair Info Deck

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SEPTEMBER 16th + 17th