St. Germain photos have that effervescent, organic California-quality to them. Based in Monterey Bay, she been involved in the industry for years, working at dispensaries and with her local NORML chapter. Recently, she's been combining her creative vision with her love for cannabis -- and the results are dreamy-Sunday-afternoon gorgeous!

St. Germain Photography


Who are you? How did you get into the cannabis landscape? 

I'm a creative, so I guess alternative substances were always attractive in some way. I started out with cannabis recreationally here and there but really started really realizing the medicinal benefits in my early 20s. Photography was something id done since high school and started evolving into a career move after college. Marrying my two methods of catharsis seemed like the logical next step.

How does photography and cannabis intersect for you? 

Both photography and cannabis allow me to create my own reality where I can control what the world looks like with the images I focus on; and I like that. Real time action-meditation with a spoonful of meta all at the same time - dig it.

What drew you to Topstone? 

I stumbled across your account on Instagram and was appealed to the stately presence of the vape as well as the aesthetics for your branding. like a clean steampunk vibe with a posh polished appeal, definitely different from the other pens I have seen. having a soft spot for the out of the ordinary, I was instantly scrolling the entire feed to see more.

What inspires you during a shoot? 

Honestly, I just start looking around and trying to locate where the interesting areas in the space are. Then I start shooting until I feel pulled somewhere else. Its more like a physical sport in that sense, your inside and outside just start really talking and getting in sync and then -- bam! -- something cool happens.