Amethyst Lavender Candle

Amethyst Lavender Candle


Embedded with Amethyst crystals, these natural soy wax candles are infused with carefully blended essential oils, inviting a calming & peaceful energy into your space. Minnie Park candles are hand made in small batches, uniquely designed based on natural stone color and energy.

Vegan Friendly
Non Toxic
Clean Burning
Dye Free
Kosher Approved

Container Size 7.25 oz

Ingredients: Natural soy wax*, lavender essential oils, eco-friendly cotton wick, Amethyst
*Our wax is FDA and Kosher approved

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Minnie Park curates pop-up experiences in beauty, art, fashion, cannabis and more, currently based in New York. She is also a beauty influencer with an international community representing over 60 countries. She has been blending candles energized by crystal accompaniments for her pop-ups, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these blends. (And yes, they pair especially well with Topstone sessions!).

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Combine the calming power of Amethyst with the ultimate soothing scent of lavender. Amethyst is used extensively to assist in spiritual healing. It brings calmness and clarity, helps you work through confusion or chaos in your life. The stone helps you balance out highs and lows; the gems are known for reducing anxiety and helping relieve stress. Lavander, like indica strains, contains the calming terpene linalool. 

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Please excuse small imperfections or differences due to the nature of hand making & use of natural crystals.