The Topstone vaporizer has made its way all the way off the coast of Canada, to the windy, white sand beaches of Prince Edward Island. Toronto-based photographer Sean Berrigan shot a enviable beach day, and brought his vaporizer along for the fun. 

Kindland ran Sean's photos alongside an interview with Topstone co-founder Will Bosch.



Who are you? Where are you based? 

My name is Sean Berrigan, I’m a freelance photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I shoot cannabis related photography with my girlfriend Vanessa. We mainly shoot micro-content on our social media, but provide creative services like product and lifestyle photography to cannabis businesses and brands locally and remotely. 


What's your background in photography? How did you get into cannabis? And how do the two cross over for you? 

I’ve been shooting professionally for about 9 years now. I have a background in commercial and editorial photography specializing in portraits, weddings and photojournalism. I’m from the east coast of Canada on a small island province named Prince Edward Island, known for its world class seafood and hospitality! :) I was first introduced to cannabis as a teenager in high school recreationally and eventually realized how beneficial it was not only for my recreational uses but medicinally as well. I developed a severe case of Psoriasis, which later started affecting my joints and I also developed Psoriatic Arthritis. I have lived most of my life with severe inflammation and I found that cannabis helped with the daily pain and discomfort. Cannabis also really helps with my creative process with my photography and allows me to shut off all the distractions and really just spend time creating. What better way to enjoy two of your favourite things into one activity/project.


Where did you take these photos? What was your day like shooting on the beach?

We took these photos at this beautiful beach on my home island Prince Edward Island. The province is the smallest province in Canada located on the east coast, but very well known for being the birthplace of Canada, as well as the home of some of the nicest beaches in the world. There was this beach we went to as a kids, but I hadn’t been there in well over 10-15 years or more. It's called Lakeside Beach and it's located on the northern shore. We had some family that also came down to PEI from Toronto, so we all got together and spent the afternoon by the water. It was toasty warm, but with a nice cool breeze carrying along the shore that kept everyone at perfect temperature. It was super sandy & windy, but the Topstone kept up with us and offered a great tool to medicate with.


What drew you to Topstone? What inspired you for the shoot? 

I’m a huge concentrate fan and have a huge beef with the vaporizer market as a whole due to the such large percentage of products actually being designed and manufactured overseas and most times care very little about the quality of materials being used regardless of the effects on health. I found Topstone and loved that the R&D is all done in North America (Connecticut) and the fact that it is made locally. 

Vanessa and I really wanted to capture some crisp warm summer beach day vibes while enjoying cannabis either medically or recreationally with your Topstone vaporizer. We thought it was important to showcase the product in a desirable location that really showed the viewers how and when the product can be used, while also trying to break the stigma surrounding cannabis use. 


Last one: sativa or indica? 

WE LOVE IT ALL. Sativa to keep us up and energized during the day and indica at night time to relax and crush any bad pain or vibes away.