The CounterCulture Popup was a gathering of art, design, fashion, and yes...cannabis! We took over a storefront in the East Village with Jena Min, founder of luxe boutique gallery Condemned to Be Free and social media beauty maven Minnie Park. 

It was a six-day whirlwind filled with street art by East Village fixture, #whoisdirk, skateboard decks featuring iconic Ai Wei Wei photographs (and boasting his signature!), 420 friendly Erbana bags, flash mob bootcamp workshops...the list goes on! Throughout the day we were showcasing our new vaporizer design and educating about cannabis terpenes. 

After 6, the wine starting flowing and the infused-popcorn definitely disappeared....




When we started Topstone, we knew that we wanted to expand the concept of "vaporizer" and the kind of response and lifestyle that evokes. A vape can fit in beautifully alongside celebrated artwork and luxury fashion, built with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Below are the terpenes info cards we brought along. Terpenes are organic compounds found in a variety of plants; they influence things like smell, taste, and color. Many of the medicinal properties of herbs, plants, and their essential oils are based on their terpene activity. Terpenes can indicate what kind of health effects the plant has. Cannabis sativa has approximately 200 terpenes, and those terpenes offer therapeutic benefits just like the terpenes in lavender influence its calming effect. The unique terpene profile in each cannabis strain influences that strain’s unique effects. THC and CBD levels can help you decide whether a strain is right for you. Terpenes are another useful factor to consider when searching for the desired effect. 

If you know of an essential oil or herb that has worked for your therapeutically, do a search to figure out that plant's terpene activity. Then you match terpenes from your favorite medicinal herbs, like lavender, mint, and lemongrass, to cannabis strains also rich in those same terpenes. 

Each info card below gives you a snap shot of that terpenes known effects, and suggests 3 stains known to contain particularly high levels of that terpene.