Topstone is not an accessory: it is an investment in your relationship with concentrates.

The Topstone vaporizer combines striking visual design with functional innovations. Improvements to vaporizer usability combined with modern aesthetics make your experience of vaporizing concentrates clean and luxurious every time. 

From the bocote wood mouthpiece to the stainless steel 3D-printed base, Topstone provides a sophisticated product by sourcing premium, American made materials. We call it the countertop piece because it fits in seamlessly on your kitchen or bathroom counters, elevating rather than hiding or rushing your relationship with concentrates. 

This is the simple, modern encounter with vaporizers. Welcome to Topstone.


Topstone was co-founded by William Bosch, a Connecticut medical cannabis patient.

The medicinal concentrates he received as part of his care were pure and effective. With the first designs of the vaporizer, he was envisioning a product for himself: he wanted to augment his own experience of concentrates.

Topstone’s mission is to be an integral part of your pursuit of wellness: a tool that is both aesthetic and functional, intuitive and original. We combined 3D printed stainless steel with organic materials like wood and glass for a result that is timeless and balanced.

After two years of integrating two Topstone prototypes into his lifestyle, Will is extending his offering to the public. He continues to create vaporizers in small batches to ensure he can oversee every aspect of material, fit, and finish so that your experience of Topstone is unparalleled.

The Topstone vaporizer in a sunny garden with white flowers, green grass and natural stone.


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